Popping Up Across America
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      How to Bring Your Home with You and Travel Cheaply!
A newly retired couple’s journey across America on a limited budget.

Tarpon Springs, FL

For many, the dream of an extensive road trip is out of reach. Staying in hotels is expensive and the idea of roughing it in a tent
is cheap but not too comfortable. According to the largest camping reservation system in the country, ReserveAmerica.com,
there are 36.5 million campers in America who spend more than $108 billion per year on outdoor recreation. What’s an
adventure seeking person to do?

Arlene Trainor Corby has the answer in her new book, Popping Up Across America. She and her husband Charles took a
50,000 mile, 17-month trip across America. They towed their pop-up camper with a used Ford F150 and found the pop-up
surprisingly low in maintenance, easy to handle and got on average, 18 MPG. It is a relatively inexpensive way to bring the
comforts of home with you, including a good mattress, comfy down or electric blanket, air conditioning and heat, microwave,
toaster and coffee maker. All the little things that makes a house a home.

Arlene and her newly retired husband Charles, planned to travel cross-country without a destination and with no time
constraints. Armed with maps and the Trailer Life Directory, they stayed mostly in national and state parks. Friends, old and
new, welcomed them along the way, sharing their homes and hearts.

Join the Corby’s journey across America as they discover its history and diversity at major cultural events such as Fiesta in
San Antonio, and the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. Volunteer with them at the Albuquerque Balloon Fest and travel
with them from the heat of the Louisiana bayous to the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean. Adventure is at every turn.

Popping Up Across America is a lighthearted book full of useful tips, humor, and local color. To find out more, please visit
their website at www.Poppingup.com.

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